Group 518


Performance Testing

An Ignored Tiebreaker


by Athenaworks | MAY 6 . 2024



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Group 2404 Executive Summary

Performance Testing should be considered a priority. Why? Validate the stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness of your application under a given workload.
Ensuring it works properly, and well, will then be reflected in user satisfaction, the company’s revenue and reputation.

Risks of not testing

1- Poor User Experience: 

Slow response times, frequent timeouts, or system crashes result in dissatisfaction and potential customer loss.


2- Unpredictable Scalability: 

Not understanding the performance characteristics leads to unexpected downtime, service disruptions, or the inability to handle peak loads during critical periods.


3- Revenue Loss: 

On average, holiday season traffic increases by 57%. Seconds of delay in page load time results in decreased conversion rates and lost sales opportunities.
This results in a potential 58% drop in sales.


4- Security Vulnerabilities: 

Without adequate encryption or authentication protocols, valuable customer information becomes vulnerable to cybercriminals' exploitation. Leading in


5- Reputation Damage: 

Negative reviews, social media complaints, and word-of-mouth can spread quickly, tarnishing your brand image.